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Asynchronous Telemedicine & Video Conferencing – built for Providers, loved by Patients.

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Synct enhances rather than disrupts your practice and offers efficient flexibility to meet your specific needs. You can start using Synct in 3 easy steps! Below, you will find demonstration videos explaining how patients submit care requests and then how providers respond to these requests. As Prescription Refill management is so popular, we added a third video to highlight this feature. You can register online to start using Synct or we are available to discuss your specific practice needs or questions.

NOTE: If this is your first experience with Synct, you may want to start with browsing the videos below before proceeding.

Synct has so many popular features that can be customized to your practice. And, we are constantly adding features and improving their functionality. We just added enhanced Prescription Refill features now with medication search, ePrescribing, point and click responses, and easier communication with patients. To evaluate how Synct is right for you, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Watch the brief videos below on this page to see the Synct solution in action. The videos include how patients submit care requests, how physicians respond, and why patients love the prescription refill option.

Step 2:

Curious about the financial impact and ROI? We provide an easy to use ROI Tool (Click to Download). Revenue can range from $10,000 to $60,000 per year per provider depending on your use – at no cost to your practice.

Step 3:

Register online to start using Synct ASAP. Select your practice or organization or you can e-sign your practice as a step in registration. It is that easy! And, your entire office team will thank you!


In this video, our CEO & Founder, Dr. Tom McDougal, explains how patients quickly submit care requests in our intuitive dashboard. To view how Providers respond to patient requests, please view the next video below.

Runtime: 4:21


In this video, our CEO & Founder, Dr. Tom McDougal, explains how efficiently providers respond to patient requests for care. Synct can be customized and branded to any practice need and is free to providers in our standard package. By viewing this video, you will understand why Synct is so popular with Providers across the country.

Runtime: 5:27


One of the most powerful and popular features of Synct is to improve the efficiency of your Prescription Refill process and generate a revenue stream, all at no cost to the practice. In this video, our CEO & Founder, Dr. Tom McDougal, explains the process and features. By viewing this video, you will understand why Prescription Refills with Synct is so popular with Providers across the country.

Runtime: 2:18

If you are interested in getting started with only Prescription Refill, visit this LINK for more details and the Rx Refill ROI Tool.

*$55/month special is for TMA Members only

No Monthly or Annual Fee Model

Just pay per use. Choose a $0 fee for patients or charge a Care Fee to patients similar to a copay. 

Synct Charges $10 per completed Care Visit or retains this from a fee paid by the patient. Synct covers all expenses and if you charge the patient Care Fees, we collect the fees for you.

Monthly Fee Model

Pay a flat $69 per Provider per Month fee to Synct and you retain any Care Fees you choose to charge to patients. TMA Members are eligible for a special discounted rate of $55 per Provider per Month.

No Annual or Registration Fees.

Optional Branding Package


Complete Synct experience with your branded logo and colors. Have a custom login iframe with the option to limit patients to accessing your physicians.

OFFER ENDS 5/15/20

*monthly maintenance support $279 for the first provider. $79 per additional provider not to exceed $785 per month



Optional Mobile App Package


Extend your branding package to mobile apps. We design a custom App for your organization that is IOS and Android compatible.

OFFER ENDS 5/15/20

*monthly maintenance support $200


Explore how you can white-label Synct to make it your own.




                       On Wednesday, April 15, 2020, at the request of TMA, Synct provided an educational session on what practices need to know about Telemedicine. This is a similar video of the material for your on demand viewing.