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Privacy Policy:

The Synct Terms of Use and Privacy Policy outline what data we collect and how that data is used. This outlines some of the information in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy specifically related to your personal data. Please note, this is not an extensive review of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, please refer to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy which can be found at or through your patient profile.

Synct collects the data and information you provide to us in order to provide you with the best experience possible while using our services. Collecting, storing, and processing this data is necessary for you to experience the Synct services. We are committed to your privacy and want to be transparent in how your data is managed.

We are breaking this overview into three sections: What information we collect, why we collect that information, and who has access to your information.

What information we collect:

Synct collects, stores, and processes the data and information you provide to us. We collect personal information such as your email address, name, and phone number. We also collect the health information you provide to your doctor through our platform.

Personal Information:

We collect and store the information you provide to us to create your account. Your email address, name, phone number, etc. are examples of this information. Along with the information you provide us, we also collect your IP address and other device-based analytics information.

Health Information:

When you submit a care request, the information you include to be shared with your physician is health information that is stored and processed. This information is transmitted to your physician in order for them to review and respond to your request. This information is considered to be a part of your medical record.

Financial Information:

Synct does not store your credit card information. Synct uses a third-party company, Stripe, for credit card processing. All credit card information is securely sent to Stripe in an encrypted format. Information such as your name, email address, and billing address are sent to Stripe as well in order for payment processing to be completed.

Why we collect that information:

Synct collects and processes the information you provide to us in order to provide you with a service and to comply with Federal and State regulations. Below are more details about why your information is collected and how it is used.

Needed for your use of our services:

Your personal, health, and financial information is collected to provide the services Synct offers. This information is necessary for:

  • Creating an account;
  • Sending your submitted health information to your physician(s);
  • Receiving payment for using Synct;
  • Providing customer service;
  • Informing you about Synct services.

Comply with regulations:

In order to comply with HIPAA regulations about protected health information, Synct adheres to the data retention policies as required by law. Different states require different data retention periods for medical records. Synct stores your medical records and health information as required by law. At this time, Synct maintains these records indefinitely to ensure compliance with the different medical record retention periods.

Our legitimate interest:

We additionally collect and process this information for our legitimate business interests. This includes research and data analysis.

We de-identify and combine personal information and health information to help us understand our users and the use of our services. This analysis is used to improve our services and provide the best experience possible for our users.

Who has access to your information:

We only share your information with selected third parties that provide technical assistance or services to Synct. These third parties only receive information that is necessary for them to provide services to Synct and they have a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement in place to protect your data. These third parties include:

  • Partners that provide application development, support, and maintenance;
  • Partners that provide technical infrastructure, hosting, and data storage;
  • Partners that provide secure payment processing;
  • Partners that provide communication services, such as email and text message notifications.

We hope this overview helps you understand more clearly how your data is collected and used. If you have any questions about the Synct Privacy Policies, please contact for more information.

Please reference these Privacy Policies for more information about our third party partners and the policies they have in place.
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