Patient Outreach

Synct can be an excellent resource for a hospital, health system, or physician practice to gain new patients or retain existing patients. This Outreach Plan can be a strategy to supplement a community physician finder, marketing, patient recruitment, or outreach effort or serve as a stand alone strategy. This plan is designed to cover all outreach opportunities of health systems as those are our most complex clients. However, this Outreach Plan can benefit an independent physician practice if you focus on those elements appropriate to your organization. This Outreach Plan is designed to supplement the Synct Promotion Plan.


Outreach Checklist

We have compiled a checklist of the promotional pieces we recommend and provide. It is our recommendation to download the checklist below and use it to keep these tasks organized as you implement Synct and promote the availability to your patients. Below the checklist, you will find tabs with additional information and materials for each of the items on the checklist.

Download the outreach checklist

Organization Website

Inform patients of the availability of Synct and encourage registration. The objective is to inform website visiting patients of the Synct service.

Synct Login Link

Add a link to the Synct login page, or add the Synct iFrame Login, the following website pages, if applicable to your website:

  • Home Page
  • Physician Finder Page
  • New Patient Welcome Page
  • Physician Directory

Option #1: Embedded iFrame – Embed the Synct login iFrame directly into your website.

Option #2: Link on Your Website or Portal – Provide a link, such as a button or linked image, on your website or portal that directs patients to the Synct login page.

Synct Login

Website Sliders

If your website has scrolling slider banners, add Synct to the promoted services.

Website Navigation

Add Synct to the website navigation linked to the Synct login page. The best practice is to add the Synct Login/Registration Button to menus.

Emergency Department

Promote Synct to patients that utilize your Emergency Department. This can have several benefits including gaining existing patient loyalty, attract new patients to your organization, gain unattached patients to your affiliated practices, or reduce non-emergency visits to the Emergency Department. However, the primary objective is to capture unattached patients and have them join the patient panel of a physician affiliated with your organization.

Waiting Room Banners

Display Synct banners in the ER waiting room and anywhere patients are waiting for care. Please reference our Promotion Materials Store HERE for the Synct banner details. The banner can be customized if you have a unique login and registration page.

Business Cards at Admission

Include Synct Business Cards with Admission paperwork.  Please reference our Promotion Materials Store HERE for the details.

Business Cards at Discharge

Handout Synct Business Cards upon discharge from the Emergency Department. Please reference our Promotion Materials Store HERE for the details.

You may use one of our designs, make modifications to any of the designs, or customize the design. Feel free to choose whichever option works best for your organization’s needs.

Affiliated Physician Practices

Promote Synct to new and existing patients of the practices. This creates an opportunity to gain patient loyalty to the practice or to compete for future urgent care visits if the patients cannot get a future appointment time convenient for them. This also creates the opportunity to capture family members that are not patients of the practice.

For practices with physicians registered with Synct:

  • Implement the Synct Promotion Plan which can be found HERE.

For practices without physicians registered with Synct:

  • Display Synct banners in the waiting room and anywhere patients are waiting for care.
  • Handout Synct Business Cards upon arrival to the office for an appointment to encourage registration while patients are waiting.
    • Please reference the Promotional Materials Store HERE for more information on the Synct banners and Business Cards.

Hospital Marketing

Promote Synct as you would promote services of your organization, physician finder efforts, or other means to capture new patients or retain existing patients. Keep in mind that Synct can be a way to compete with other providers or encourage patients to choose a more appropriate setting than the Emergency Department for non-emergent needs.

  • Social Media (See examples from the Promotion Plan HERE)
  • Direct Patient Marketing (See mail and email examples from the Promotion Plan HERE)
  • Press Release (See the template from the Promotion Plan HERE)
  • Billboards
  • Community Newspaper and Magazines
  • Hospital Sponsored Magazines