One of our most common discussions among our clients is whether patients should be charged a convenience fee for prescription refills through Synct. Most physicians and office administrators believe a fee is appropriate as a prescription refill without an office visit is valued by the patient and it has significant cost to the practice. Others are hesitant. The purpose of this email is to lay out the factors that should be considered when making a decision. Let’s cover the facts:

  1. Patients value the service of providing to them a prescription refill without an office visit. This is evidenced by the high number of patient calls you receive. 
  2. There are no legal or insurance regulation requirements to provide prescription refills for free. The insurance company will tell you that you can charge for a prescription refill by requiring the patient to come in for an office visit.
  3. If you require the patient to come in for an office visit just for a prescription refill, it is a low reimbursement visit from insurance and therefore inefficient when you could be seeing other higher acuity patients. The patient will likely also have to pay their copay of $35-50 and invest 3 hours in travel, waiting, and the actual visit. 
  4. Based on our data, if you grant a prescription refill from a patient telephone call your office staff will invest 16-21 minutes of time per refill request. Granting a prescription refill in Synct only requires 2-3 minutes of staff time.
  5. If given the choice of calling the office and getting a prescription refill for free or paying a $20-$35 convenience fee in Synct, more than 50% of the patients will choose Synct based on our experience. The reason is the patient does not like calling the office any more than you like receiving the inefficient calls so they will pay for the convenience in Synct.
  6. Each time a patient pays a convenience fee in Synct for the refill you provide, your practice generates $10-20 depending on the convenience fee you choose. If your practice directly charges a patient for a prescription refill without an office visit, your practice will violate your provider agreement with the insurance company. Synct, however, can charge convenience fees to the patient as we do not have a relationship with the insurance company and we pay you for the service provided. This is acceptable to insurance companies.

So, what do we recommend? 

Do not discontinue your current practice for refills (i.e. patient calls to a voicemail box) but offer the Synct Prescription Refill solution as an alternative. Allow the patients to choose their preferred option. When you do this, you can be the hero of your practice as you will experience:
  • Greater patient and staff satisfaction from the available option of Synct
  • Approximately 15 minutes of staff time will be saved on every Synct prescription refill
  • You will generate $10-20 in new revenue for every Synct prescription refilled, depending on the convenience fee you choose
  • All of the above is achieved at no cost to your practice

Explore Synct today to help solve your prescription refill issues, generate revenue, and make everyone happier. You will quickly realize why Prescription Refill is one of the most popular solutions in Synct.

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Yes, there is a better way to manage Rx Refills 

Most practices struggle with managing patient calls for Prescription Refill requests. Unfortunately, practice managers and physician have just accepted that the process is inefficient and costly with zero revenue. Fortunately, Synct offers a better way.
It is not a coincidence that the Synct solution for Prescription Refill management is one of our most popular features – and, we just made it better with medication search, ePrescribing, point and click responses, and easier communication with patients. You can view and respond to a patient request for a refill in less than two minutes. Even better, you generate revenue for every refill request completed at no cost to the practice.
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