The data is clear – patients are wanting more technology access to care. Whether we refer to this as consumer engagement, patient experience, or some other catch phrase, the path leads to greater patient on-demand access for care.

This article further emphasizes the importance of providing care to patients when and where they want it. Now that the smart phone is more than 10 years old and a majority of Internet access is mobile, the access point is the smartphone app or browser. Does your organization have a strong presence for patients to access your providers and services? If not, now is the time or you will be quickly bypassed by competitors.

There are three forms of telemedicine options available to you as a provider: telephone, asynchronous telemedicine, or video conferencing. The telephone is not new (and, yes, that is telemedicine by definition of care using technology) and it is terribly inefficient for physicians and their office teams. Asynchronous telemedicine is the fastest growing option whereby patients and physicians communicate on their own time. This form is efficient and cost effective to add to an existing busy practice. Video Conferencing is growing as well, and now that insurers are signaling shifts in reimbursement methodology, it is only going to grow more exponentially.

What is your strategy? Now is the time to determine your plans. Or, your competitors and the patients in your community will bypass your organization,  and you will experience an unfavorable shift in market share. Synct can help whether we are helping you explore your options or setting up your branded presence in telemedicine.

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