Customizing Synct Part 5: Response Options

As you’ve probably noticed by now, our solution is extremely flexible when it comes to customizing different features within the software based on how you and your team want to utilize Synct.

Provider users can turn on/off the response options they would like to be able to select from when responding to a care request. The response options can be updated at any time within the provider profile. The Synct Response Options include the following:

Respond with Care Instructions: Responding with Care Instructions is the standard response option in Synct. When a provider responds with Care Instructions, the patient is charged an amount similar to their copay.

Schedule an Office Visit: If a provider finds it appropriate for the patient to come into the office instead of providing virtual care, this is the option they would select. If this response option is chosen, the patient is not charged for their care request.

Visit Urgent Care: If a provider finds it appropriate for the patient to visit urgent care, this is the option they would select. If a provider chooses this option, the patient will not be charged for using Synct since their care needs would be met elsewhere.

Telemedicine Video Conference: If a provider would like to see the patient before providing care, but it does not necessarily require an office visit, providers can offer the option of scheduling a video conference with a patient.

In Part 6, we will highlight more details of our Video Conferencing Solution.

To learn more about all of the features of Synct, view an online demo of our solution by clicking the link below, and stay tuned for next week’s highlighted feature of Synct. 

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