One of our goals when creating Synct was to replace patient phone calls for care due to the fact that when caring for a patient over the phone, there is no record of care. With Synct’s Reporting Functionality, users will always have a report of each care request submitted.

The Synct Reporting features allow users to run custom and standing reports. The Synct dashboard includes a general activity report that is easily accessible and can be filtered by request status. Provider users also have the option to export this report by printing it or downloading a PDF, CSV, or Excel file.

For full reporting functionality and to run more specific reports, users can select date intervals such as last week or this month, or for a specific date range.

Standing Reports:

With Standing Reports, users can run reports based on Activity, Patient Activity, Condition, Response Type, Response Time, or Cancellation.

Custom Reports:

When creating a Custom Report, providers can filter the reports by selecting which fields they want to include in the report, such as Patient Name, Patient Gender, Conditions, Physician Office Team Members, and Request Date and Time. and the custom reports can be saved for future reference after running the report.

Not only can users run any of these reports at any time, but our team also sends a monthly report to our users at the end of each month in order to track success.

Below, we’ve included a video that briefly runs through Standing and Custom Reports in the Synct software:

To learn more about all of the features of Synct, view an online demo of our solution by clicking the link below, and stay tuned for next week’s highlighted feature of Synct. 

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