The first feature of Synct that we will highlight is our Team Member Management functionality. This feature allows you to add and manage nurses, assistants, practice administrators, and other office team member roles so they can assist with managing your account. Physicians can add and manage their office team members from their account so that their nurses can organize care requests and respond to their patient on behalf of the physician.

Once team members are added, you have the ability to choose the security access levels and categories for each team member. The 3 categories are Care Requests, My Patients, and My Reports. You have the ability to set the security access level to Full Access, Read-Only Access, or No Access for each category for each team member. The access levels and categories can be updated or changed at any time as well as the status of the team member, which can be changed from Pending, Active, or Inactive.

To learn more about all of the features of Synct, view an online demo of our solution by clicking the link below, and stay tuned for next week’s highlighted feature of Synct. 

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