Understanding Telemedicine & The Benefits for Physician Practices

Part 8- Your Web Presence

Now, more than ever, it is important for health care organizations to have a positive online presence. Although the Internet has been the go-to source for health and wellness information for a quite some time, many physician practices are unusually absent in the online world, often treating the web as an afterthought to traditional media.

Potential and existing patients are using websites and social media as a starting point for gathering information about your organization and providers. In fact, a recent Health Management Academy survey showed that almost half of participants were influenced by social media when searching for healthcare services, and 66% used their provider’s website to learn more about the facility or get updates about their treatment. (Source: http://www.healthcarebusinesstech.com/hospitals-social-media/)

Our team realized the need for a strong online presence when it comes to smooth telemedicine implementation, so we began offering Web Services. Our Web Services team specializes in complete website design for health systems and organizations of any size.

If you’re looking to enhance your online presence, ask yourself the following about your practice’s current website:

  1. Is our website design clean, professional, and simple to navigate?
  2. Does my practice’s website have relevant information about our providers, locations, specialties and services?
  3. Does our website have links to the patient portal?
  4. Does our website have information about after-hours care?
  5. Does our website have information about insurance, privacy, billing, etc.?
  6. Is our website maintained often?
  7. Does my organization’s website have Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
  8. Does our website have shareable health and wellness content for patients?
  9. Is our website consistent with the brand of our organization?

What message does your current online presence send to your potential and existing patients?

Synct is your one-stop solution for your digital presence.  Whether you’re interested in telemedicine options for your practice or website development, we’re here to help.