Understanding Telemedicine & The Benefits for Physician Practices

Part 6- Low EMR Portal Utilization

We know – patients and physicians are not using your EMR portal for secure messaging. This is a common challenge we hear from providers as many need to meet MIPS requirements. There are reasons for this low utilization for both patients and physicians.

For patients, a blank page to share their question or need with a physician or nurse is intimidating. Patients know they have a medical condition and want answers. But, where do they start? The lack of guidance is a challenge as they want to provide the right information but do not want to sound silly either. If they do choose to write to their provider, they write a five paragraph epistle the provider must review.

For physicians, the messages they do receive may or may not include the information they need to diagnose, treat, or even respond. But, they have to respond or that is a satisfaction and liability issue. The lack of structure to respond is also a problem requiring physicians to respond with kindness and with the information needed. If that was not bad enough, the provider does not get one single dollar in revenue for the valuable service they just provided. As a result, providers do not encourage the EMR Portal use.

There is a solution to all of these patient and physician problems. Many view Synct as a “plug-in” to replace the portal messaging with a revenue generating and efficient structured process. Patients are guided through the information they need to provide and physicians have an easy button driven process to triage and perhaps provide care efficiently. Synct also integrates with your EMR.

We would enjoy the opportunity to hear of your needs and you can even choose to see a demo at your time. Find out more at synct.md/providers.