Understanding Telemedicine & The Benefits for Physician Practices

Part 7- Growing Revenue

Most all practices would like to increase their revenue. Practice expenses rise every year and you can only see so many patients a day in the office. As a result, many practice administrators feel pressure to find new sources of revenue.

What is worse is you are likely giving away free valuable care to your patients. This occurs when you respond to a patient request for care by telephone or through your EMR portal. While a number of these events occur during business hours, many are at night and on weekends. What is worse is insurance companies restrict your ability to bill for these services.

With our asynchronous telemedicine platform, Synct generates new revenue for this care you are already providing. How this works is Synct charges patients a convenience fee similar to their copay. We can do this as we are a non-covered service by insurance and not subject to their requirements. When you select Synct, it does not violate or impact your relationship with the insurance company. We handle all billing and collection and pay a fee to your practice for the triage, diagnosis, and care you provide. Patients only pay the convenience fee if their care request need is met in our solution. The best part is we do this at no cost to your practice. Really.

Sounds too good to be true? We would enjoy the opportunity to hear of your needs, and you can even choose to see a demo on you own time. Find out more at synct.md under the Providers tab.