Understanding Telemedicine & The Benefits for Physician Practices

Part 9- Office Efficiency

“My physician told me about this service, and I used it a few weeks later on a Saturday morning. No urgent care visit for me! I received treatment through this virtual visit by my own physician.” – Jennifer

It’s safe to say most physician practices and healthcare organizations want a more efficient office. Telephone-based care has started to increase in physician offices, which creates inefficiency, and providers are not getting paid for this type of care.

Synct is just as efficient for providers as it is for patients. Our platform is carefully designed around the needs of both patient and physician. Synct is intuitive and easy to navigate.

With Synct, patients don’t have to play “phone tag” in order to get in touch with their physician’s office, and they don’t have to wait in the office to see their doctor or spend time traveling to and from the office. For patients it takes under 5 minutes to register and under 5 minutes to submit a care request. Patients love the ease and efficiency of our platform.

Physicians using Synct save time for both themselves and their patients. It only takes 2 minutes on average for a provider or office team member to respond to a patient’s care request, while a telemedicine consultation via phone call can take an average of 21 minutes to complete. This also saves time for physician office staff because they do not have to spend time returning patient care question calls or offering care instructions over the phone.

To learn more about how Synct can create a more efficient office for you and your staff, view an online demo of our solution or schedule a discussion below.