Understanding Telemedicine & The Benefits for Physician Practices

Part 10- Attract New Patients

Patients want convenience and expect their physicians to be able to interact with them through everyday technology. A 2017 study found that 50 million Americans are “ready to ditch their primary care doctor” and switch to a PCP offering telemedicine.

For that reason, many organizations are using Synct as an outreach tool to attract new patients and to retain their existing patients. Unlike many virtual care platforms, we do not employ providers, so Synct is never competing with you for current or existing patients.

In order to assist our clients, we’ve developed promotion and outreach plans to guide your success. While our Promotion Plan includes all of the resources and materials an organization needs to promote Synct to your current patients, our Outreach Plan includes the resources your organization needs in order to capture new patients and grow your organization. We provide all of the marketing materials and resources for your organization to succeed in implementing Synct and getting the word out to potential future patients.

To learn more about how Synct can help you drive patient engagement and grow your organization and market share, view an online demo or schedule a discussion with us today.