Understanding Telemedicine & The Benefits for Physician Practices

Part 5- Patient Wants & Needs

As referenced previously in this blog series, patients want and need virtual care options from the physician they know and trust. Providers have watched TelaDoc and MDLive gather a significant number of patients, but utilization remains low. This is due to the fact that patients want virtual medicine IF they can connect with a physician they know and trust.

The question is, what is it exactly that patients want in virtual care?

An Accenture study in 2016 found:

76% of patients want to have follow up appointments via virtual medicine

74% of patients want access for care follow up questions after another medical encounter

74% of patients want reminders of things to do to stay healthy

73% of patients want to discuss a specific health concern with a doctor

70% of patients want a exam for a non-urgent care condition like a cold or rash

The numbers do not lie – patients want virtual care options for a lot of different means. As telemedicine is growing rapidly, patients will seek this care from other providers if you do not offer it. Without disrupting your office, you can add virtual care solutions to your practice, often without cost to the practice. You can find out more at synct.md or schedule a demo to discuss your specific needs.